Lansing is definitely one of the preferred places in Michigan. From the historical and cultural side to the beautiful landscape, as well as the charm of the city blocks, which makes people deeply feel that the city also has both charm of the metropolis​ and small town06_mg_9676_1046x380

Michigan Historical Museum. The Michigan Historical Museum has a rich collection of the history that related to Michigan. Through the MUseum, You will see the Minnesota Peninsula Bronze, a room in the 1920s, and the Detroit Motor Show in 1957.12.mg_9589_1046x380.jpg

One of the most attractive features of the city is the 21-kilometer wooden pontoon, built along the river, on the Lansing River Trail. It created a link through the city center. people on the river in the rowing, trail someone running, next to the bench on the side of someone who is 01.mg_9611_1046x380.jpgreading while drinking coffee. This is definitely the best place for leisure.
Also, the university of Michigan which is located in East Lansing. It is a well-known university in the United States.
Old Town of Lansing, which is a business district that fulls of artistic atmosphere. In the beautiful Victorian styles’ buildings you can find galleries, boutiques, specialty shops and fine restaurants. You can enjoy the food here, enjoy shopping.06.mg_9676_1046x380.jpg


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