Mysterious Tibetan region

It was three months ago , i had the last trip with my mom before i came to canada. we went to Qing hai province where is near by Tibet in china , so the costumes here are quite similar to Tibetan as well as the local food .

The first destination is Qinghai Lake . In Tibetan the name ‘མཚོ་སྔོན་པོ། ‘ means Teal sea. Obviously , it is the largest saline and alkaline lake in  the People’s Republic of China . The surface area of Qinghai l is about 4,186 km


 The snow mountains are around the lake .The people here are very nice ,  they  have their own family businesses  such as ger hotel and equestrian farm. So my mom and i rode on a horse  from our hotel to the lake . That was really cool . we can enjoy the gorgeous  views   .The   blue sky with green grassland were amazing as well as the cowboy .img_6987

Also we tried to wear traditional clothes which is Tibetan’s   culture .img_7011They have the best scenery here  during July and August with  beautiful grassland and birds island .131


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